2018 Most Popular Awaited Video Games

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Year 2016 was a great one for gaming, but 2017 is shaping up to be one of the best of all time. We have already had brilliant releases in 2017, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn, and there's a lot more to do. Switch owners will have exciting titles later this year, and we 'll see more brilliant games launched next to the next Xbox One X - and PlayStation 4 and PC have a lot to look forward to, of course. Wondering what you are? Look below: we have collected the list of games we are most enthusiastic about for 2018.

Red Dead Redemption 2

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Where The Last of Us 2 had at least a few threads of characters you can tap to weave another narrative tapestry, Red Deads prequel status stacks the bridge against Rockstar.

Seeing them literally try to write another game in a universe where the death of John Marston and the revenge of his son were the biggest shocks in the games history, it must be said that another Red Dead must not exist.

Quite simply: nobody has the surplus money available like Rockstar, being that they make about $ 5 million a day from GTA online, and will put that money into all facets of the wild future like nothing else.

Until now, it means amazing perspectives that almost know The Revenant of Alejandro Iñárittu, a group story detailing the life of Marston under Dutch Gang, potentially multiple playable protagonists and all sorts of harmful ways to earn money and to survive.

Theres a small question from Rockstar thats also in Red Dead Online, which, if its going to be like GTA Online, well all see stetsons and twin pistols before next Christmas.

The Last Of Us 2

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Like many, I was firmly in the camp "Let Me Be" for The Last of Us 2, but again, the genius scribes of Naughty Dog tend to draw a phenomenal script from nowhere, which justifies these sequelae otherwise useless against all odds.

First of all, it was Uncharted 4 - which refuted Drake as a retired adventurer who wanted the "top" of the treasure hunt - and then Uncharted Lost Legacy, which for my money is the second best Uncharted of all.

Now with The Last of Us, we do not know that his game will take place in wider environments rather than those of Uncharted 4 and LL, or the peripheral zone of the first game. Ellie is all grown up, having taken for scorn fireflies over five years for lying to people to have a cure - even if you have to wonder how frustrated Joel is because he hides the truth, whatever.

A tale that mixes the question of "How far will you protect someone you love?", With various facets that chase Ellie because we know she cures the cordyceps epidemic, The Last of Us 2 will be very annoying.

Crackdown 3

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Although Microsoft canceled Scalebound for unknown reasons, they looted with Crackdown 3 as one of the ONLY major games on their upcoming schedule.

With what was once called a revolutionary technology that would channel Red Faction games in the third person or more recently, Just Cause, we would supposedly have access to some cities that could be completely leveled.

Done by mixing the processing power of the Xbox One and streaming other processes back to "Cloud" and back simultaneously, this would give Crackdown 3 a notable step in pure chaos.

Fast forward a few years and this feature was simply removed from the marketing of the game, still appearing in multiplayer mode, but mainly signifying that this - like repression 2 - will almost always be the same.

Darksiders III

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When THQ collapsed, it took the fantastic franchise of Legacy of Kain-sequel Darksiders, but with time - and with the reintroduction of THQ Nordic - we saw a resurrection.

Developed by the new Gunfire games (included in former Vigil staff members who worked on the first two games), these three are definitely in the right hands. The first series of the IGN, although the direction of art remains a solid mixture of Gothic and fantasy.

Given that the first Darksiders had a TON of his design at Ocarina of Time and the second in an RPG territory based on loot, we will simply wait and see what years of shooting for Darksiders 2 followed.

Metro Exodus

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Used to show the extremely powerful hardware features of Xbox One X, the last trip by the 4A metro was much more complete than ever before the system was launched.

Until now, everything we have seen in the post-apocalyptic tale, although past games 2033 and Last Light give a fairly solid idea of what 4A will have in store: a ton of horrific sensations, chills, and underground disorders.

Situated in a world where nuclear weapons have ravaged the surface and pushed diverse cultures, factions and underground religions, Dmitry Glukhovskys original novels of Metro provide a backdrop for all sorts of philosophical and socio-political conversations when you mix guns with the show that will eventually lead to an incredibly discreet series that still has to have its day in the sun.

However, as we saw with The Witcher III, there is still hope for beloved worship franchises.

Shenmue III

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Shenmue III revolves around this immortal adage of "Pay attention to what you want."

An unprecedented kick off $ 6.3 million, developers of Ys net seem to have exploded this money ... details? The first trailer of the game was a game of laughter, seeing the main man Ryu literally hold the same face for completeness, with additional animations also falling.

Dreamcast around 2000, mans goal if he did not throw a key in the work of all this positive buzz.

Days Gone

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The only thing that prevents past Days from crashing into a crusty one is its developer, Sony Bend.

The Golden Abyss, Gone is a new innovative and innovative technology.

Mainly based around pushing the PS4 hardware to the limit when it comes to doing multiple bodies at once, the hordes of zombies from Days Gone literally outside and crevices to help you. Almost in search of the Z-rescue world war, Bend also incorporated a rather old style of style, The Last of Us for the different sections of history and the construction of the world in general.

In danger of being "Generic Zombie Shooter # 7615", I hope there is more life in the end.

Sea of Thieves

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Rares Sea of Thieves is a gem of the Earth.

It is his attempt to create a dynamic, interconnected and dynamic multiplayer world, he will need a community and an important fanned to continue. Essentially, allows you to match a group of friends, design and customize your ship, your crew, and various ornaments, and then guide you to find what the treasures are waiting for, there is a very good sense of exploration in its various islands, caves, and villages.

Best of all, you can access the top of the game, and youll get the most out of the game. Claim the ships on both sides.

Rare is one of the best developers the game has ever seen, and Sea of Thieves is their love work that has been working for many years. I hope that the whole country is extinct.

Psychonauts 2

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There are games that have so much love, passion, dedication and authentic art, its really encouraging to hear that a team is revisiting their follow-up project.

This is the case with Psychonauts 2; Tim Schafer and Double Fine go back to original antics.

With a fundamental principle that Inception has much deeper, you will learn to be a "Psycadet" - a specialist in the infiltration of the mind that fights the manifestations of unwanted thoughts and desires, a host, in the hope of helping them long term. This has given way to all sorts of fantastic level designs and a skilfully written and hilarious script.

The psychonauts 2 consider that Raz was successful in his training, obliged to re-evaluate the hierarchy of the psychiatrist training establishment itself. The result is a game that seems to be slightly more mature than the almost original feeling of Harry Potter-rescue, but its still with this Schafer charm.

Detroit: Become Human

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It will take a miracle to someone with the main work of David Cage to engage in a game about slavery, human rights, and equality, without making him incredibly cruel.

Were talking about a guy who thought that the best way to represent the advancement and potential fear of technology was to make you live in the Internet incarnation in Prophecy Indigo. A guy who judged everything for particularly spectacular rains (less vocal action), but you beat a gigantic sand wall (with a face) in Beyond: Two Souls.

Detroit: becoming human is Cages latest brilliant mind - and do not get me wrong, we need a lot more than that of Activision or Warner Bros. - but when it resembles another narrative experience - lots of opportunities to go aside, I pray no.

State of Decay 2

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A game that - like Destiny 2 - represents the phrase "more of the same", State of Decay actually lowered some eyebrows once Microsoft started to show it because the Undead Labs suite could also be another extension for the " original.

Or at least its like that.

Under the hood, there will be a more innovative mechanics that will expand things like basic construction, craftsmanship, day/night cycle and verification time, even when you are away from the system, which expands the type of formerly obsolete zombie shooter. "The State of Decay may lack a little bit on the graphic front, but with regard to immersion, Undead Labs has created some of the most addictive playable game loops for a while.

A Way Out

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A Way Out takes a huge risk in 2018, as it will literally only be on a screen shared with another player.

You are free to offer a randomer online, but clearly, Hazelight wants you to take your best friend or partner (maybe both!) And continue this hoarse prison story. From what we have seen, the mechanics include distractions and can be interrupted by cutting a player even if it is in progress, resulting in full shots and driving sequences once you are on the other side.

A Way Out is already a critical pet, and we hope it has something specially aligned when it comes to the literal beauties of the story too.

Dibs on you to have to kill the other player at the climax ...


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Codenamed Dylan for years, Anthem is the game that Bioware and EA have redirected their efforts and money into life at the expense of the Mass Effect effect. Not only Andromeda but Mass Effect in general - this series has completely fallen off the road so that we can get what looks like another third party shooter (certainly cool).

That it is worth, and that it is "the next mass effect" ... it will wait and see (but not the answer).

Yet, according to what Bioware has shown, we know that the anthem works heavily in group cooperation, allowing you to choose fees for your exosuit Javelin before jumping into battle in a zero dawn world.

Flying suits, missed missile groups, underwater exploration - theres a chance that this is the best game that Bioware ever puts its name. We just have to hope that they support everything that happens in the brain.

Kingdom Hearts III

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Despite the latest issue of Kingdom Hearts published in 2005, Square Enix almost surpassed Capcom by repeating and rejecting essential games. Street Fighter II: Mega Deluxe Hyper-Fighter Final Uppercut Edition, always coming soon ...

You can check this list for a final ranking of all the latest versions of Kingdom Hearts, but it was enough to say its high time we have a correct and new entry into the iconic franchise.

As such, Sora and co. have finally got a ton of new mechanics and abilities, ranging from increased vacation sizes to destructible environments, new ways to move the transition between worlds, Super Mario Galaxy-style and the option of playing as multiple characters.

Oh, and the two worlds Big Hero 6 and Toy Story are also included. Perfect.

Far Cry 5

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Maybe delayed in 2018 to emerge from the state of relentless and turbulent American policy, Far Cry 5 will still be a little too close to home for some.

Framed within the framework of the Bible belt While America is coordinated by the cult of peace, the Gate of Eden, it is enough to look at the gigantic space between the ideologies left and right in the west for seeing how hyper-leftists consider the majority of the right as types of villains in this game.

In terms of gameplay, it is the Far Cry that you know and love, although in a place that would not necessarily serve the animal diversity we have grown accustomed to.

Ubisoft insists that there will still be a lot of forests to get lost, but the biggest question about the Far Cry 5 leader is quite politicized.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Back to video games that do not even need to think about political agendas, the Arc Ball System game Dragon Ball Z already resembles one of the most beautiful in the history of the game, simply because they absolutely nailed the aesthetic.

Crossing an innovative graphic technique that, despite looking directly out of the anime, actually represents 3D characters, it allows developers to truly show the spectacle and the exaggerated nature of the Dragon Ball fight.

They were not shy to show it. The various coils and featured salons had FighterZ standing, seeing Goku, Vegeta and the group of fireworks exploded with laser explosions and special powers.

If you are - or have never been - a fan of Dragon Ball, FighterZ will be essential

God of the war

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Can a complete reboot work for a deductible if engraved in the specific game mechanics?

We will see, but until now, the new god of war resembles Dark Souls who meet The Last of Us, rather than the Devil May Cry-rescue hack n slasher that we have known and loved.

Of course, part of the problem was because we understood a lot, given that each god of war played exactly the same thing, but the jury intends to know if the launch of the camera behind Kratos and the focus on managing the enemies of the group is the solution.

Fortunately, Sony develops Kratos as a character, doing something like "video gamey" that his former "rage meter" spits now and fluctuates during cutscenes as he deals with being a substitute parent.

It is a strange turn for such a series of sufferings, but that is precisely why it could work. And since Sony manufactures Naughty Dogs "narration on the shoulder" in the style of his house, it will happen next to The Last of Us 2 and Days Gone pretty well

Monster Hunter: World

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One time I called Monster Hunter Generations as "one to break the West" with its refined control system, making the Capcom series more welcoming than ever, but I was wrong. This great tax incarnation will shake the industry like nothing else.

Once people realize the pleasure of chasing the gargantuan beasts for hours at a time - like a group of friends coming out of their respective specialties and clinging to a costly life when something fades - will be the multiplayer experience of the decade.

Monster Hunter, as a series, classifies all the perfect nerdy perfumes: crafts, huge monsters, good knowledge, dancing cats, oversized weapons - it clicks, and as owners of 3DS and Wii U shouted roofs as impeccably well-assembled these games, I wait with a applauded breath to see what the rest of the world thinks.

Spider Man

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Im sure the buyout will be closer, but there is a strange lack of media that beat the Insomniac Spider-Man attachment now.

The game became cold and declined in terms of public interest, although this is a new Spider-Man game, we must imagine that all sit and train when the time is right.

So far weve seen a pretty cool mix of Arkhams clearly inspired fights and some oscillating parts of nostalgia, reminiscent of the iconic Spider-Man 2004 icon.

Now, Insomniac said that name was clearly named Spider-Man is his own independent story, basically aiming to do for the Wall-Crawler what Rocksteady did for Batman.

Metroid Prime 4

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We only have one screen title, although mentioning another Metroid Prime was enough to whip the Nintendo population into a stupor.

The redesign of the FPS of another type of diaphragm in 2D mode, the Prime series has helped make the Gamecube one of the most beloved consoles of all time, but with the following suites, Metroid would depend heavily on the controls of the movement, even of the original trilogy release with their taking on the original.

In the future, one of the most important questions regarding Prime 4 is whether it will still depend on the motion controls, despite the need to change to do so.

Heres the hope that they will not, and well have a Metroid Prime thats all about the game.