5 tips to charge your phone and extend its battery life
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By Admin - August 19, 2017 1:49 pm   0   328   0

The battery of our smartphone is one of our most valuable assets. Its good health depends on us using our phones correctly. In addition to tips to improve the battery life, it is good to know best practices to prolong one's life.

Do you want the battery of your cell phone to be healthier for longer? Then follow the expert advice we have compiled here, which apply to any current mobile phone (Android, iOS, Windows Phone / Mobile).

1. Maintain Your battery about 80% to 40 %

They say that the ideal for lithium-ion batteries (the most common today) keeps them at a charge of 50% or more for most of the time. If it exceeds this percentage, try to recharge it, even for a little (you can always bring a portable charger or leave a charging cable at work). In any case, try never to exceed 20%.

Now, although it is recommended that the battery be as low as possible up to 50%, try not to charge it 100% all the time, which considerably reduces the battery life.

2. Charge your Phone 100% Once In a Month

This rule is an exception: experts recommend to fully charge your battery from 0% to 100% once a month. This makes your battery recalibrated, the equivalent of "restart" for PCs.

3. Check For Heating The Phone Also Check For Cold

Do whatever is possible to avoid the smartphone + smartphone, especially when you recharge it. So do not even think about charging your cell phone in your car if it sits directly in the sunlight. In addition, it is a bad idea to charge it next to a source of heat generation, for example behind the TV or next to the oven.

Be careful, your smartphone does not like the cold, so do not expose it directly to low temperatures. This sounds crazy, but until recently, many people thought it was a good idea to put your cell phone in the refrigerator to refresh it.

4. Use The Right Charger For Your Phone

We do not recommend using a charger for your mobile phone. Always try to use the original charger and, if it stops working or you do not have it at home, buy the one that has at least one basic warranty.

Many chargers sold on Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress do not meet this warranty requirement and, although they bill your smart phone, they will destroy it further. So with the chargers, its better to spend a little more and buy one from a reliable brand (no worries if its not the same brand as your cell phone).

5. Keep Your Batteries In Use Otherwise Its Wear Out

Do you have a mobile phone that you do not use that is disabled? Even if you charge it before turning it off, keep in mind that the batteries continue to wear out after a while. So, if you plan to use it again, make sure to repair it first.

This also applies to power banks or external batteries: if you are traveling and using it, make sure you have charged it in advance.