7 Cool Tricks you can do with your smartphone

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Recent research has said that most of us do not even use 10% of the capacity of our smartphones. Is the camera, or social media or phone calls that consume most of the daily use of your smartphone? Anyway, your smart phone can do something else that we bet you never knew. Probably the smartest thing in your pocket today, recent research has asserted that most of us do not even use 10 percent of its capacity, so what does improving that figure, like today, we bring interesting things that you can do with your smartphone. As always, most of this information is limited to an Android smartphone.

These are the 7 Cool Usage of your smart phone that you can use easily at home. Lets try to be fun and have used these cool tricks with your smart phone

Shoot Multiples with Panorama

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This is something you should all know if you often use dedicated editing software to create multiples of yourself in an image. Well, obviously, this would result in a better exit, but starting with a shot with you on one side of the frame and running fast on the other side (behind the camera) until the photographer goes over to l the other end can result in an impressive Multiple in the same photo. Try it, and it might take time to get that perfect shot.

Hudway Application

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Hudway is an application that can help you drive safely in low visibility, probably due to strong fog, rain, snow or lights on the road. The HUD - Head-Up-Display mode in the app will project the route along with other information such as speed and distance on your windscreen. In addition, you can earn miles and get discounts, bonuses, and gifts as you progress through the levels. The only drawback is that this application is relevant only at night or in dark areas or you need a smart phone with a really high brightness for it to work during the day.

Smart measurement

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Smart Measure is an application available on Play Store that can measure the distance to an object placed in front of the camera of your smartphone. When you open the application, you set the height of the position of your smartphone, which by default is about 1.5 m. After that, you point the cross to the object you want to measure the distance. While the outcome here may not be accurate sometimes, you can gradually become better at placing your phone at a particular angle to get the right results.

Heart Rate Monitor

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Well, smart watches and fitness groups today are smart enough to accomplish a lot of tasks, however, if the heart rate measurement is the main reason for your purchase of a fitness group, you can try this application called instant heart rate: heart rate and pulse monitor. The app is available for free on the App Store and Play Store and measures your heart rate and heart rate using your camera built into your phone to track color changes at hand directly related to your pulse. This is the same technique used by medical pulse oximeters. You place your finger on the camera of the smartphone and, in a few seconds, the application will display your heart rate in real time. Do not forget to clean the lens of your camera after that.

Detecting infrared

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Infrared technology has long been forgotten and no smartphone comes today with an infrared port. However, another tip you probably did not know is that the camera on your smartphone could detect the infrared rays that come out of your remote. So the next time you want to check if your remote is dead or functional, just point the remote at the camera on your smartphone and press any button. Note that there is a light coming out of the infrared port from the remote control. If so, you are ready to go.

Bedside lamp

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One of my favorite things in this list is that you can make a side table lamp with your smart phone as it has a LED flash. All you need is a clear or semi-transparent water bottle filled with water. Put the flashlight on your smart phone, place it and the bottle on it and Voila! So what happens here is that the light from the flashlight on your smartphone is broadcast to get a softer output that works like a lamp.

Zoom everywhere

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Did you know? You can zoom in anywhere, regardless of what you use on your Android smartphone. Yes, it overlaps any application, browser or even a game and is an asterisk if you want to zoom in on an image or text too small for you to read comfortably. This feature is located in Accessibility in Android settings. To activate, go to Settings> Accessibility> Magnification Gesture. Inside, you have two options: a three-touch fast key anywhere on the screen to zoom in on a particular part while you press three buttons while holding the third key to temporarily increase the desired area to the screen