Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Video Spec Ops Alpha Suspension Veteran Walk through

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Easier with two players but possible with one. Take any weapon and start sniping your way to the end of the bridge. Once you're there and Shepherd radios in about an enemy gunship, stay on the lower level (hopefully, you have a rocket launcher) and down it as it winds up. Found it handy to use one player to stay on the ramp (next to the wreck) to lure the gunship into hovering so the second player can kill it. The ramp also serves to have grenades roll down so they don't kill the decoy.

Once the chopper is downed, use sniper rifles and scoped rifles to take out the rest of the enemies (slowly) from the ramp or barricade nearby. There are a limited number of enemies, despite the number of them appearing. Once things quiet down, you can simply walk to the green smoke and get congratulated by Gaz

Key Points:

  • Advance slowly and watch soldiers rappelling from sides of the bridge.
  • Stay on broken bridge ramp to take out a chopper
  • Thin out enemies from top of the ramp.

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