Game Booster Software to boost gaming performance
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Gaming, If you are a Gamer, you must have this problem for sure. Over time, our Windows 10/8/7 PCs accumulate many items on the hard drive, and games will no longer function as before. Especially if you are looking for more intensive. Fortunately, we have a solution for the same thing. You can use this software to increase your gaming performance

Info Noob When we say, poor play performance, the main aspects we want to say game lag, low FPS, intermittent playback, agitated gameplay, audio quality or distorted video. Here is a list of free software that can be used to increase your gaming performance.

Free software to boost gaming performance on Windows PC

Before taking a look at the freeware, you can take a look at how to improve gaming performance on Windows 10. The post offers some general tips for improving PC games.

Razer Cortex Game Booster

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The main features of this tool include maximizing your game's resources, removing other unnecessary tasks and running your PC. In addition, this program provides you with the statistics of your PC after completing the game session. Like other tools of this type, the changes made by Razer Cortex Game Booster are also temporary, the changes are automatically restored. This means that it returns your PC to its original settings when you complete the game sessions. To use this tool, you must install it on your PC and create an account with them. After registering and checking your account, you can start optimizing your PC.


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It is a must-have program for Windows PC gamers. It is available both as a free and paid version. While the free version brings all the necessary tools, the paid version certainly has additional features. Activate the game mode. The program then makes the required changes and makes your gaming experience hassle-free and without any inconvenience. With Game Fire, you can adjust the settings and add your favorite games to a list. The program also has a System Diagnostics option that gives you a detailed status report of your PC.

Wise Game Booster

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Wise Game Booster is specifically designed to enhance the gaming experience of Windows PC users. It causes the system resources to focus only on the running game and close all other unnecessary programs. It includes four basic functions, your list of games, optimization of your PC, optimization of the system and optimization of the service. The games list allows you to search for local games and launch them directly.


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When we turn our PC or start a game on our PC, many other programs start simultaneously in the background. This is where this free Windows game booster software helps you. GBoost temporarily closes all other running applications and only allows those that are essential for the games. It is a simple program without a delicate interface, just click on the button Boost, and it will make the necessary modifications. The changes, however, are not permanent and therefore your PC and its configurations are safe.

Fusion Utility

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Designed specifically for optimizing your PC, Fusion Utility makes your AMD system more responsive and faster. With a single click, the program stops other processes running in the background. Changes are temporary and reversible. Thus, Fusion Utility uses advanced acceleration technologies such as hard drive acceleration and autotuning that make your Windows PC lighter and improve your gaming experience. In addition, this program also allows you to customize your computer's for Custom Optimization

Toolwiz GameBoost

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As the name suggests, this tool is specially designed to boost your gaming experience. The tool speeds up the performance of your PC by making a few small adjustments. For example; it disables the Windows updates planned during the game, which certainly helps improve the speed. GameBoost Toolwiz also stops automatic proxy detection or keyboard shortcuts as they slow down your PC and affect game speed. Toolwiz Gameboost also performs temporary changes that are easily reversible.