How to boost up the speed of your computer
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Temporary files are auto-created on your computer. It includes all data which we don't need, actually, we can also say that the data is useless and it assumes the storage space only. The data is stored in that part of the computer where a normal user can't access easily and if you don't delete that temporary files from the computer on the daily basis or weekly then day-by-day it increased and slows down your computer's speed. By doing this, your computer will run smoothly. So if you do this as I mentioned above then it will help you I must say. Not all users know about this trick so spread this with your friends so they will also know and boost up their computer's speed.


  1. %temp%
  2. temp
  3. recent
  4. prefetch
  5. cleanmgr.exe (For cleanup your disk drive)


  1. Open "Run Command Box" on your computer by pressing "window icon + R" from your keyboard.
  2. Write any Command from the above-mentioned list in your run box and click on ok.
  3. A new window will appear on your screen.
  4. Just select all items(folders and files) and click on delete button to delete all items and close the window.
  5. After that, open Recycle Bin and delete all files from there also.
  6. Now, all temporary files of your computer are deleted and your computer is refreshed.
  7. That's All. ENJOY!!!


Neha Neha
April 07, 2019 10:28 am