How To Enable Face ID Feature On Android Device

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Apple has revealed a best unlocking feature for iPhone X ‘Face ID’. Face ID will replace the Touch ID unlocking as it ditches the Fingerprint sensor. It will be an easier method to unlock your iPhone with just looking on the screen. Some of you don’t know, but Android users can also enable this feature in their respective devices.

Starting with Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google introduced a new "Smart Lock" feature that gives you various options to help speed up the process of unlocking your phone when device detects that it's in a secure location or in secure hands. Smart Lock has many features like On-body detection, Trusted Locations, Trusted Devices, Trusted Voice and Trusted Face. Using "Trusted Face" feature, you have to look at your device and swipe to unlock your smartphone. After enabling this feature, you don’t have to scan your fingerprint or type a password.

To be clear, Apple's new system uses a few extra sensors that Android devices simply don't have at the moment. Namely, a flood illuminator and a dual camera setup that includes an IR sensor, which means the iPhone X can get an accurate 3D map of your face to prevent the system from being fooled by a 2D picture of the user. This won't be the case if you enable Trusted Face on Android, so it's not as secure. But if you're fine with that, We'll show you how to set it all up.


How to set up Trusted Face

  1. First of all, you'll need to make sure your phone has proper lock screen set. This can either be a password, a pattern, or a pin. A secure lock screen is must to enable the ‘Trusted Face’ feature. If you don’t have enabled security, then go to Settings menu -> Security menu. In Samsung devices go to Settings -> Lock Screen -> Security menu. Set your secure password through select "Screen lock" option.

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  2. Now, click on the “Smart Lock” option. You have to verify your current device pattern, PIN, or password.

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  3. After verification, find the "Trusted Face" option. Now, the UI will explain what Trusted face is, how it works, and tips on correctly setting up your Trusted face. After reading all instructions, you have to click on "Set Up" button and then "Next" button.

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  4. Now, your device will use the front camera for the face scanning. You will see an area enclosed in red. You have to fit or adjust your face in the red circle properly. After this, you will see that the red circle has turned blue. The default blue progress bar automatically scans users face. Now click on “Done” option.

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  5. With completing the above step you are ready to use the ‘Trusted Face’ feature on your smartphone. When you wake your device, you'll see a small silhouette icon at the bottom of the lock screen indicating that the phone is looking for your face. Make sure to angle the phone to where it can see you, then this icon will change into an "unlocked" icon within a fraction of a second. At this point, you can simply swipe your screen to open your phone.

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Considering that this feature has been around for over three years now, it almost feels like Apple's Face ID system is a direct copy with some extra security measures sprinkled in. The way you unlock an Android device using the Trusted Face feature is exactly how it works on the upcoming iPhone X, so you're getting a glimpse of the "next big thing" well before people in the Apple ecosystem can.

What are your thoughts on Apple's Face ID compared to Android's Trusted Face? Obviously, the former is much more secure, but the latter was years ahead and stands to catch up with the addition of a few hardware modules. Regardless of your position on the matter, tell us how you feel about it in the comment section below.


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January 11, 2018 12:22 pm

Cannot show trusted face option in my smart phone.. how it fix Android version is naught