How to quickly level your power in Destiny 2

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So you just take Destiny 2 and want to know how to start the raid as quickly as possible. Or maybe you're stuck in the mid 200's and you do not know what to do next. Do not worry. We are here to help you. First, a quick explanation. There are two different forms of progression in Destiny 2. The first, levels, are quite simple: you will go from 1 to 20 simply by shooting aliens and completing the main story. This is the second form of progression, Power, which has the biggest impact on your character. The power is based on your equipment. The higher the number of your three weapons and your four main armor, the higher your power will be. Your first step is to browse the main story of Destiny 2 without worrying about it all. By the time you are finished, you should be around 200 Power, and that's when the fun begins. You may have noticed that new weapons and armor will have power levels based on your own level, often within a range of 3-5. So if you're at 200, you'll start finding material at 201, 202, 203 and so on. This is a trend that continues throughout the game, and there are different ways to enjoy it. Some are more effective than others.

The best way to start quickly is to think about the game in three distinct phases:

Phase 1: Power 200-259

Do what you want! During these first levels, you will consistently find blue elements that increase your power, no matter what you do. Because this guide is dedicated to leveling quickly and efficiently, I will say that moving from one planet to another and crushing public events is the fastest way possible. You will get speed and planetary tokens, which you should save for now.

It is also the most boring road, so do not hesitate to do anything.

One thing you should definitely do is complete the planetary quest on the four sites. This is the blue flag that you will see on your map. These planet quests are solid, will give you good loot and, most importantly, will eventually lead you to exotic weapons quests that will appear as weapons in your inventory. Hang on to those. You will also want to stand on your way: the challenges you will see by holding L2 on the map screen, and everything that rewards the "powerful" equipment. Do not push it yet.

You should also join a clan, which will help you get all kinds of rewards during the game.

WHAT DOES NOT: Rotate vendor tokens or Gunsmith materials, landmarks, exotic weapons quests, Caydes treasure maps, Nightfalls or anything that reduces "powerful" equipment.

Phase 2: Power 260-265

Welcome to the difficult years of leveling Destiny 2. When you hit 260, you will stop progressing from the blue gear, which is "soft" to 260.

Now its time to use all the supplier tokens youve saved. Access each vendor and give them all you have, and if youre lucky, these friendly NPCs will reward you with enough purple anagramming to take you from 260 to 265.

If that does not work, go out into the world and do more things: public events, lost areas, patrols, challenges and anything else that will allow you to take chips. If you try to level as quickly as possible, you will always want to hang on to these milestones and exotic quests until.

Phase 3: Power 265+

This is when you get all the good rewards you have accumulated. Each "powerful" price can exceed 265, making your best bets to get supplier lighting.

1) Milestones - These are the weekly challenges you can see by holding L2 on the map screen. They will reset each Tuesday and they will reward you with a "powerful" commitment that exceeds 265. These rewards, like all other Destiny 2 spoils, will be based on your current power level, 265 to get them, they are also high as possible when they fall.

2) Exotic Weapons - You will get these results at the end of every planetary search, and these are all multi-stage trips that require you to do stupid and elaborate things. They will also pass up to 300 Power, so they are a great way to increase your level.

3) Nightfall - This is a super powered version of a Strike. It changes every week and it is a challenge, but very enriching. Be warned: there is no matchmaking, so you will have to bring some friends to finish this one.

4) Raid - The first raid of Destiny 2 opened on Wednesday and is an excellent place to hang purple engravings and guaranteed gear, although, like the Nightfall, you will have to bring a group of friends to the abduction.

5) Clydes Dog Cards - You can buy them from Clyde and find chests in nature that have totally random drops. They range from absolutely nothing to 265 years.

At this point, you will want to start thinking about infusing your equipment once you find legendary or exotic weapons and armor that you really love. In short, you must place a high power element in a less powerful element, changing the power level of the infused element accordingly. So if you have a legendary chest 265, you love death, you can prepare a 280 chest in your baby and watch his power rise to 280.

You will also need to pay attention to mods, which can add +5 Power to the basic power level of an item.