How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage on Android Mobile
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In this guide, I will discuss various tips and tricks that you can use to control the use of your data. I will also list some applications that will help you achieve the same.

Data Saver

Android comes with its own data Saver function, which is very useful for controlling the use of data. To reduce the use of your data, immediately activate the Data Saver. You can find it in Settings> Data Usage> Data Saver or some variation of this path on the smart phone you are using.

When enabled, Data Saver will prevent applications that are not listed on the white list from using cellular data in the background. You can choose which applications are unlimited and which applications are not.

Limit application updates on cellular data

With the number of updates, applications receive these days, if they are not enabled, the application updates themselves eat up most of your data. To make that Google will automatically play apps only when there is a Wi-Fi connection, go to the Google Play settings and select Automatically update applications via Wi-Fi only.

Use the Lite version of applications

Some applications like Facebook are notorious data and battery pigs. It is therefore best to avoid using them on your smartphone. Facebook application has been released a Lite version of its Facebook application, which is intended to develop markets, and is a perfect alternative for a Facebook application with fewer resources. You can also completely release the Facebook application by installing something like Tinfoil for Facebook, which is essentially a wrapper for the mobile web version of Facebook.

Facebook also offers a version of its Messenger application

In addition, you can try the Hermit Lite application browser, which allows you to quickly access web applications in one place with added bonuses, such as ad blocking, malware protection, and more.

Download videos for an offline view

Today, almost all major video apps like YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video allow users to save content for offline viewing. You can buy a lot of money, this is a great deal. This allows you to pay for your Wi-Fi connection.

Spotify, Gaana etc and for maps with Google Maps.

Use browsers with built-in data compression

In addition to applications, we use most of the data on browsers. So if you are looking for ways to save data, why not use compressing web pages. Like Chrome, which claims to save up to 60% of the data by compressing text, images, videos and websites without reducing quality. All you need to do is save the data in the Chrome settings.

Another browser with data compression support is Opera Mini, which was actually the first one to do so. You can also try the Alibaba UC Browser.

Enable the Wi-Fi Wizard

Wi-Fi Wizard is available for Android in some countries, but for Android versions 5.1 to 7.1, it can only be accessed on Pixel / Nexus phones in some markets.

Wi-Fi Wizard is an exciting feature of Google, which automatically connects your phone to open Wi-Fi networks that Google has checked out fast and reliably. It uses Googles VPN, so you know that nobody whistles on your Wi-Fi connection.

You can activate the function by going to Settings> Google> Networking.

With free Wi-Fi and secure, your data allocation will remain intact.

Here are some of the ways you can save data on your Android smartphones.