How to search YouTube as a pro
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There are defined methods to help you navigate YouTube videos more intelligently.

Most of us have spent a lot of time browsing many videos on YouTube. Now we can have our own preferences on the kind of videos we like to watch on the Google video platform, but the basic fundamentals of the website remain the same.

In such a case, these simple YouTube tricks and tricks will help you find your way to that exact video that you want to watch. By playing on the YouTube search settings, these hacks are:

Let YouTube guide you

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This is without any sign. You can not recall the full name of a video, but do you know a few keywords? Use the YouTube search bar to type a known keyword and YouTube will present its suggestions.

Do not forget that YouTube has a complete track of your previous activities on the site. This means that he knows what kind of videos you would usually like to watch.

This, combined with the "most searched" videos on these keywords, will present a very specific list of suggestions. Chances are, you will find what you are looking for through these YouTube suggestions.

Note: YouTube creates a transcript for each downloaded video. This means that you can search for a music video by typing the lyrics of the song instead of the name. The same goes for other videos. The accuracy of search results may vary, however.

Use YouTube Filters

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Filters are a great way to reduce your search results. As soon as you perform a search, a Filter option at the top of the results column will allow you to put advanced filters on your search.

Filters are based on the download date, type, duration, and features you expect in your video. The "Features" option will help you search only HD, Only 4K, with subtitles and more such options in your search results.

Use + and - in your search results

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These are called Boolean operators. YouTube search allows you to add and subtract keywords from your search using the + and - symbols respectively. This is especially handy when the keywords you use have an exact match with something else in the internet world.

Try searching for 'Donald' on YouTube. You will get mostly search results for "Donald Trump" or "Donald Duck". What if you're looking for an entirely different "Donald"?

You can type "Donald -Trump -Duck" and the results will not contain any video dealing with these two keywords.

Force an exact match using ""

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Sometimes, YouTube shows the corresponding results instead of the exact keywords. For example, when searching for 'Photography', YouTube will also display results for 'Photographer' or other deviated but related words.

To restrict search results to the same keyword, you can use inverted commas around the keyword. This will ensure that YouTube searches for exactly the same word in the title or description of the video.

This makes more difference when the 'sorted by' option is set to something other than 'Relevance'

Similarly, the + operator can be used to include additional keywords in your search.

Use 'intitle' to find keywords in the title of the video

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If, in case you remember a few words from the title of the video you had looked at earlier or you can make a wild one, "title" is very handy.

The string command will give preference to search results that have the keywords you placed after the command, in its title rather than in the description. Limited but useful results can be drawn from this simple trick.

Now that you know some additional tips to improve your YouTube experience, you can check them out to find the best one for you.