How to make pendrive bootable
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Now-a-days everyone use pendrive to install windows or any operating system on machine because if you will use cd/dvd for that then you have to pay some bucks firstly then you will boot cd with nero or some software. Pendrive method is easy. So want to boot operating system in pendrive then read full article.

Steps To Install Kali Linux :-

 1. First, download the Rufus software from

 2. Insert your pendrive in your machine. and open rufus software.

 3. Choose these options :-
     (i) Device -> choose your pendrive in which you want to boot any operating system.
     (ii) Partition scheme and target system type -> MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI.
     (iii) File system -> FAT (Default).
     (iv) Cluster size -> 32 kilobytes (Default).
     (v) New volume label -> Default.
     (vi) In format option, you have untick first option and then choose your iso image in 3rd option(Create a bootable disk using ISO).

 4. After select all options, now you have to click on Start button.

 5. After click on start, rufus ask for FORMAT AND ERASE YOUR PENDRIVE select YES to continue.

 6. It takes some time. Please keep patience.

 7. Your pendrive is now bootable. You can install new operating system on your machine with your pendrive.

 8. ENJOY !!!