Instagram now supports right-to-left languages
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By Admin - November 12, 2017 10:38 pm   0   476   0

Instagram is finally running basic support for Hebrew, Arabic and Persian - three popular languages ​​that are all right-to-left.

They join in 36 other languages which Instagram supports natively and just like all other language options on Instagram, everyone will be translated except for anyone's username.

Why did it take so long? Because adding the language written in English to Arabic or Hebrew is not easy like adding a language like a Spanish. In fact, Instagram had to reconfigure the entire app to support languages that are written from right to left.

This feature will launch on Android now, with iOS still being worked on now. It seems that launching Android support as soon as possible was a priority for Instagram, which is considering more than 70% of Arabic speaking community, which is using Android to set up their phone language for Arabic.

In a statement, Mike Krieger, Instagram co-founder, explained, "I’m proud of our efforts to make Instagram one of the most inclusive and diverse platforms in the world. With this update, we hope even more Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi speakers are able to use Instagram to connect with the people and interests that matter to them."

Considering more than 60 million monthly active Instagram users in the MENA area, this should please many users

To switch any of these languages on Android now, make sure your app has been updated, then go to the Settings tab on your profile, tap "Languages" and select your choice