Intel - dropped before the launch of the Core i Gen 9, i7-9750H and i5-9300H, coming in a gaming notebook soon

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Approaching with the launch of the latest Core i Gen 9 processor from Intel on the mobile side for use with various notebooks After selling in the desktop PC for many months And before this, soon there was information about the Core i5-9300H coming out with the new gaming notebook Acer Nitro 5 2019, which will be the latest graphics card, such as GeForce GTX 1660Ti / GTX 1650 Instead of the original screen model like the GTX 1050Ti and GTX 1060

Lastly, there is information about the Intel Core i7-9750H processor chip and the popular processor chip. That will be used with Gaming Notebook as well as high-end notebooks that focus on new models in 2019. All the same as in the i7-8750H model, it can be said that the notebook that uses the Inten Core i Gen 8 processor chip is about to All of the models coming soon, will be replaced by all Core i Gen 9 as they should be. As a result, notebooks with Core i5-8300H and Core i7-8750H processors will reduce the price. Anyone who doesn't want a new device like Core i5-9300H and i7-9750H can follow. The notebook that is Core i Gen 8 still has enough performance and gaming. Many important The model also comes with the latest graphics card like GeForce RTX 20 Series, so don't have to go to buy a new one.

For information that came out about the Intel Core i7-9750H processor chip will be installed in the new gaming notebook, other than the Acer Nitro 5, Acer Predator, as well as the Lenovo Legion and ASUS ROG, including MSI G. The latest series of HP OMENs is also not a problem. Intel Core i7-9750H also comes with a 6-core, 12-threaded operating speed of 2.6GHz, which can accelerate to 4.5 GHz. How should I have more information about the generation processor chip? This is coming out. Before the launch Of course, Intel Core i7-9750H will be used in gaming notebooks that use RTX 20 Series and GTX 1660Ti / GTX 1650 video cards, ranging from the price of not more than 30,000 baht to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. Also, expect the Intel Core i9 processor chip, which is Gen 9, to be added soon as well. For a high-end gaming notebook or a professional mobile workstation notebook It is expected that at the end of April, it will come and see for sure. The admin will wait for the real review again.