Monster Hunter World Release date and Weapons

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Monster Hunter: World is a role-playing video game to be developed and will be released by Capcom and is the fifth major title of its Monster Hunter franchise. Fighting giant dragons, wyvern gods, and monsters is the fundamental basis of Monster Hunter: World, in case the title has not abandoned it. In the most recent entry in the series, some changes bring Monster Hunter to many more people, so here's a quick introduction on what to expect with Monster Hunter: World, before its release early next year.

Monster Hunter: World

The first game of Monster Hunter was released in 2004 for PlayStation 2, and while there has been a host of games and spin-offs since, its quite understandable not to know whats going on. Bar a few games is mostly on Nintendo consoles - if you do not play with them, it is likely that the series is transmitted to you now.

You play a Hunter who has the task of defeating monsters that usually terrorize a local village, these monsters become heavier and heavier as you progress. Progression is not like a typical role-playing game, all your progress is made through the armor and weapons you hold, which are made using eviscerated pieces of the monsters you kill. Murder monsters, take their skin, make the best equipment to fight bigger monsters. Thats all there is to it.

Release Date

Monster Hunter: World released on PS4 and Xbox One on January 26, 2018. It will also arrive on the PC, but the release date still needs to be confirmed.

Is it Coming For PC

No, the official reason for deferred PC publishing seems to be because it is simply difficult to do. The effort required to connect to the PC and make it work means it takes longer. This is also the first time that Monster Hunter arrives on PC, not to mention Monster Hunter Online which was developed by Tencent Games rather than by Capcom.

New in Monster Hunter: World

Previously Monster Hunter was mainly on Nintendo consoles, especially the 3DS. This meant there was a hardware limitation - as Monster Hunter: World uses more robust consoles and PC platforms, much are evolving. First of all - the game is now in a kind of open world. There are different maps to visit (probably an ice map, a fire map, etc.), but there is no loading time or pause when you move between zones on this map. In previous versions, you must look at a loading screen as you move between the "zones" of each card, this is no longer a problem.

The series has often focused on cooperative games, allowing you to hunt bigger and more dangerous monsters with friends. In Monster Hunter: World, there is a drop-in/drop-out co-op, you can call friends to help you in the middle of a hunt, rather than organizing the team before going out. There is, however, no cross-platform game: PS4 players can only play with PS4 players. This cooperative play also plays directly in the contents of a player, whereas it was previously completely separated.


There are no new weapons added this time - the complete list of weapons being the Great Sword, the Long Sword, the Two Swords, the Sword and the Shield, the Hunting Horn, the Hammer, the Axis Switch, Charge Blade, Glaive Insect, Spear and Gunlance for Bodily Attacks and Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun and Bow for ranged attacks. However, some of these weapons will be modified because new ammunition has been confirmed for firearms - the extent of these changes has yet to be revealed.

The previous game of the series, Monster Hunter Generations, added a new feature called Hunter Arts and Hunter Styles - these are not in Monster Hunter: World, as this is considered a new generation of the series. Instead, there is a new hook to use for crossing and mounting monsters globally, coats that can grant capabilities such as the ability to slide on wind tunnels and scout flies for, well, Scouting.

It definitely depends on your weapon of choice, but in general, think of it as a third-party action. Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses - we will pass through them very quickly here.


The Great Sword is quite simple, but slowly at the point, probably because it is usually 20 kg of steel pieces and monsters. It has a strong loss of damage and does not require a complex strategy - almost entirely offensive, it is for those who like to avoid the attacks of monsters and use their knowledge to find the right window of attack.


In the same way as the Great Sword, the long sword has a great loss of damage, but it swung much faster. The issue, however, is that it must be instructed to be fully utilized. Face the damage and release a combo to level it, gain damage - spend too long not to complete the combo, and you lose the impulse.

Double sword

Some weapons have elemental damage - both swords are often the best way for them. They attack quickly and emit a lot of elemental damage on every shot. If you are able to determine which element the monsters are weak, Dual Swords should be good for you.

Sword and Shield

The most basic weapon is the sword and the shield. It allows you to block effectively, cause average weight damage, does not leave you open to attacks with slow oscillations and should not be charged like a long sword. By far, the simplest choice, but certainly a bad - fantastic as a first weapon.

Hunting horn

For those who like to help allies, hunting horn will offer other bonuses to hunters as a reinforced defense if you can play songs with it in the attack. This is one of the most difficult weapons to master because you will need a laptop open nearby to check the songs available for each of the horn variants.


Most weapons deal with cutting damage - they can cut tails and parts of the body. The hammer, on the other hand, inflicts damage, which means that a good attack can destroy the armor or even hit an unconscious monster. Its slow, but has this high damage output and a useful utility to boot.

Switch Axe

Switch Axes is good for those who like to combine good combos of attacks - it allows you to swap between an axe and a sword form. You will get a limited time in sword mode before reloading it, but if you want to dance around a monster with an endless combo, this is the best choice.

Charge Blade

In the same way as the axis switch, the blade load also has a spindle and axes mode, but is reversed - it is a default sword, the axes mode being limited by a load that you have to accumulate. This weapon comes with a shield in sword mode, and can, therefore, be considered more defensive than the Axis switch.

Insect Glaive

Insects Glaives are incredibly useful for mounting a monster - climbing on the back to inflict tremendous damage - using a safe attack. With a range and speed similar to that of the Long Sword, it also comes with a Kinect, a small insect that can be used to damage a monster at a distance. Being able to know when to ride and how to use the Kinect to its full potential can be quite difficult.

Lance / Gunlance

Lance and Gunlances are similar: a long range weapon and a large shield for you to challenge yourself by attacking. Spears usually deals more damage with individual attacks, but Gunlances, as you may have imagined, can trigger a projectile into a monster. It does not disappear, and it usually used as Gunlance is already embedded in the flesh of a monster. Perhaps the most defensive options, if you want to resist, this may be your best choice.


Bows are the simplest form of remote weapons to attack fire arrows on a monster and use a special attack in specific situations. Some bows can trigger several arrows at the same time, which forces you to think about the proximity or the distance you want, while others can pierce a monster and damage several parts of the body. What is difficult about the arc is the distance to the right - a flash indicates a good shot, which is usually about 10-20 meters from a monster, but it depends on the arc. To use this type of weapon effectively, you will need to spend a lot of time to know these ranges.


Firearms, on the other hand, use the right kind of shooting - with limited ammunition, you can shoot a monster at a great distance, using special ammo or another elemental element to cause additional damage. The Light Bowgun allows you to be more mobile, while the Heavy Bowgun limits your movement while giving you an enormous loss of damage. This requires a lot of preparation before a hunt because you will have to decide what ammunition should be taken.