New Snapchat update will let you post photos from your camera gallery without appending them with white borders
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By Admin - January 26, 2018 11:20 am   0   117   0

Remember the time when you had to brag about being at someplace or with someone in real-time on Snapchat, but you that knew if you sent an older photo from your phone gallery the white borders around the photo would reveal your lie?

Well, a new update coming to the app will ensure that the white borders aren't visible for older photos uploaded from the gallery.

As in step with a record by way of The Verge, beginning from 25 January, Snapchat will be rolling out an update which will negate this white border round a photograph being posted from your camera gallery, making it seem as even though you have posted it in genuine time. However, if you attempt to post horizontal photos, they will be turned around and there’s no manner round that. Also, those photos will be labeled as ‘from camera roll’ on the very backside.

According to the report, Snapchat claims to have done this to bring a more aesthetic feel to posting photos. there is also the possibility that this is could be a competing strategy against Instagram wherein the latter lets people post photos from their gallery to their Insta story as it is and also provides proper orientation on horizontal photos.

Other options coming with the update come with the power to save lots of inside of chats. Long-pressing on a textual content chat will display you a strategy for reproduction the textual content and put it aside as neatly.

The update is late to be had on iOS and does no longer appear to have popped out on Android as of but.