PlayStation 4 Multiplayer To Be Free From November 15 To November 20
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By Admin - November 14, 2017 11:02 pm   0   88   0

Paying for the privilege of playing multiplayer games is an idea that’s alien to PC gamers, but those who play on consoles have become accustomed to the idea over time. It really started with Microsoft’s Xbox Live and its walled garden, offering online multiplayer and other benefits for those willing to dole out its monthly fee. It brought with it stable voice chat, matchmaking and other features that the competing PlayStation consoles of the time just didn’t have.

In this generation, Sony also started charging for its online multiplayer. First of all, it sparked a storm-in-a-teacup bit of backlash, but consumers quickly became accustomed to paying for access to the PlayStation Network. This deal is slightly sweeter with the monthly Instant Games collection, which gives customers a rotating selection to play, provided they keep their subscription active.

Maybe that's what I'm subscribing to. I'm not particularly keen on online multiplayer, so I'm actually paying to use the game every year, maybe I really do not want to. Anyway, for those people who want to enjoy a bit of online PlayStation multiplayer but for subscribing so far, Sony is giving you five-day free multiplayer access, starting tomorrow.

From 10:00 GMT until 10:00 GMT on November 20, the PlayStation owner will be able to jump into online multiplayer without signing up for one thing, this is the largest multiplayer game of some years, such as Call of Duty: WWII, Star Wars It's time to enjoy Battlefront II, FIFA 18 and Destiny 2. Players who bought Gran Turismo Sport before realizing it’s almost entirely online-focused can also get a few races in.

Anyway, if you have a PS4, then stay in Europe or South Africa, this week's time is a great time to reach some multiplayer.