Qualcomm employee unveils world's first 5G smartphone
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By Admin - November 12, 2017 10:18 pm   0   376   0

These days about the 5G network is coming in a lot of listening. Many smartphone manufacturers and their companies are also working on the development of this technology. While this development is underway, many analysts and experts have also projected that 5G mobile networks will be available by the year 2020.

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Qualcomm also said that the benefits of the 5G data connection will be seen by users until 2019. Which means that one year before the time of presentation. The company says that this will be due to the increasing demand and business of tech fans.

Work on 5G technology is going on, sooner or later, it will be available for everyone. Meanwhile, a funny thing that has come up is 5G smartphones. A Twitter user has posted a photo of the world's first 5G smartphone. The more interesting thing is that this Twitter user is on the position of the marketing lead in LTE and 5G NR in Qualcomm.