Simple iPhone hack that lets you free up hundreds of megabytes of storage space

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IF YOU, like millions of other iPhone users, are in a constant battle to free up more space on your mobile for apps, music and images, we have a simple solution for you. By using the Apple iTunes store, users can release hundreds of megabytes - and sometimes a few gigabytes - with just one lap. By simply trying to rent a movie that requires more space than the one available on your device, your phone will unleash surprising storage by eliminating the caches registered in Apple applications. Although the results may vary depending on the phone, some users said they launched up to 9 GB on their laptop using hacking.

Heres how the trick works:

Check how much space you have already released

Open the Settings app on your phone and select General and About.

This will allow you to reduce the amount of data on your device.

The available space will appear halfway up the list - use this number as a marker to follow new spaces.

Go to the iTunes Store

Head to the film section of the app and search for any lengthy movie - the 1963 Cleopatra feature is a good one to select, given its more than five-hour run time or a Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The movie must be greater than the amount of space remaining on your phone.

Press the Rent button twice, keeping in mind that you will not really pay for the movie because you will not have enough space to download it.

Its just that simple

When you try to rent one of these great movies, the iTunes Store will display a notification that you do not have enough storage available to download it.

This should mean that IOS has already released space already.

Go back to your About page - via Settings and General - and you should see a few hundred megabytes of extra space in your available section.

Although it is not clear exactly why this works, it is likely that the Apple operating system will erase the data caches kept in applications.

Apples pre-installed applications often record data such as previews of free songs uploaded to the iTunes Store. These are the data that can be removed by iOS to create additional free storage space.

Rinse and repeat

You can enter and repeat this process as many times as you like, but there is no guarantee of space while you are released each time, otherwise.

Results may vary

It seems that with this trick, the amount of free space created varies greatly for each user and with the latest version of iOS it may not even work at all.

In most cases, this works better for older models of the iPhone and those that have only 16GB of factory space, but also the users of the iPhone 7 have extended their storage.

Weve already reported how downloading a large application could have the same impact on the storage space available on your phone.

And if youre ready to part with some of your downloads, these tips will help you free up huge space on your device.