The 7 largest smartphone companies in the world
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There have been many changes in the life of this smartphone. Keeping this in mind, smart phone companies also bring phones to the new technology in the market. You also use this smartphone, but you know what are the smart phone companies of the world? Recently, according to the latest report of the Institute of Counterpoint Research and Analysis, China has four of the world's seven largest intelligent companies. In the second quarter of this year, a number of smartphones were provided by the company on behalf of a company in the market and a list was made by Counterpoint. Nearly half of the global smartphone market, 48 percent, is currently owned by Chinese companies.


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The name of the company South Korea is topping the list of counterpoint this year. Samsung is at the top of the race in all markets except Asia. Samsung was the number one in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Europe. And Samsung is in the fourth position after the three Chinese companies Oppo, Huawei and Vivo in Asia. Samsung holds 22% of total smartphone sales in the global market.


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Samsung has provided half a billion smartphones to smartphones in the United States. Apple The manufacturer of the iPhone has occupied the second position in the market of the smart phones in North America and Europe. 4% and 5% of the Latin, American and Middle Eastern and European markets and 11% of the world market.

Huawei or honor

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The Chinese company Huawei and its sub-brand honor have provided the equivalent market for Apples smartphones. The company ranks second in Asia and the Middle East and Africa. The position of Europe is the third. And in Latin America, there are four figures. And 11% of the world market is in possession. However, Huaweis smartphone sales have surpassed Apple since July and July in August. In Central and Eastern Europe, the Chinese company has surpassed Apple in the United States. However, the new market for the iPhone 8 should return to second place Apple.


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Another Chinese mobile phone company, Oppo, holds 8% of the global market. But in Asia, it is the highest. 15% of the supply of smartphones in the Asian market is occupied by Oppo. But the company could not occupy the top five in any other region of the world. He is five after all, except in Asia.


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Sister Company Vivo occupied 7% of total smartphone sales in the global market by providing only 1% less than Oppo. After the Apache market in Asia, the company occupies second place. Vivo occupies 13% of the total supply of smartphones in the Asian market.


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The Chinese company Xiaomi occupies 6% of the global supply of the global market for smartphones. And on the Asian market, only the company ranks among the top five. Xiaomi is in Asia market after Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, and Samsung.


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The other South Korean mobile phone company, LG, has occupied 4% of the world market. In addition, 3% of the total sale of smartphones in the European market and 10% of the Latin American market is in the possession of LG