The New Corsair T1 RACE Gaming Chair Launches in India
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Corsair entered the gaming chairs market with a model called T1 Race. It is impossible to miss the point that is called a racing car seat. In the video, your comment refers to Recaro, but other brands of racing seats are available, but Sparco does not look as good when you say it out loud.

There are five color combinations available for T1 Race - full black plus black with blue, red, yellow or white trim. As you will see in our video, we have the yellow option that looks very stylish, and also matches the color flash of the Corsair packages. The colors look good and will undoubtedly prove popular. Perhaps the most interesting thing of Corsair T1 Race is the price which is less than £ 300 in a world where many gaming chairs lie north of £ 400 and the Vertagears we recently reviewed were £ 500 and £ 600 each.

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Color Black / Yellow
PVC leather upholstery
Max. Seat height 420mm
Min. Height of seat 320mm
Back height 950 mm
Backrest width 560 mm
Seat Depth 580mm
Seat width 560mm
Height of the armrest 280-380mm
Weight of the breast 24kg

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Corsair is one of the many companies that think players want to sit in style chairs. Just do a Google search for "game chairs". You can order them via Walmart, the same.

Why do companies think gamblers want gambling chairs? Why are professional electronic sports players all sitting in these chairs? I would like to have an answer to you, but maybe the office chairs have taken their course. Or maybe it's easier to get people to spend money when a company claims to have reinvented the furniture routine. In addition, in pursuit of complete gaming areas of brand players, a chair is an essential part of the room.

The company claims that it is a professional gaming accessory, providing appropriate support for prolonged gaming sessions.

Corsair, a known PC gaming device, announced its gaming headquarters T1 RACE in India. The chair is mainly intended for professional gamers, seeking to help their sessions of prolonged games.

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Corsair says the design of the chair is inspired by professional motor racing, a sport that forces drivers to stay focused without losing their comfort. Built with a steel skeleton and a dense foam cushion, the company claims that the T1 RACE game chair with its 4D armrests, which can be lifted, lowered, moved and rotated, focuses on easy games during extended sessions.

The chair is available in five different colors: black, blue, yellow, red and white. It also has wheels to adjust the distance between the drive and the PC. However, the company has not yet announced the price of the chair.