Top 5 Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 8
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Samsung unveiled Galaxy Note 8 with a design almost without bezel. The curved glass at the front and back of the Galaxy Note 8 makes it one of the most fragile smartphones. However, there are few Samsung protections that add protection to the fragile body of the latest Galaxy Note device. There are also few accessories to improve the productivity of the smartphone.

Here are 5 best Samsung accessories for the newly launched Galaxy Note 8.

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Transparent cover

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The transparent cover provides extra protection to the device without being thick and bulky. As the name suggests, Clear Cover shows the color and design of the camera with its transparent body. Although the device measures 8.6 mm thick and this lid makes it thicker, accurately 0.95 mm. There is also a clear Clear View lid that provides full-screen protection and also serves as a stand. However, Clear Clear Clear has no transparent body to present the original design of the camera.

Alcantara Cover

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Starting with the OnePlus One Sandstone finish, I personally like to see the textured back instead of the plastic or glass finish that is more prone to fingerprints and stains. The Samsung Alcantara case offers a similar feeling to the OPO sandstone finish. With the Alcantara suede finish inside and out, this cover lasts as long as it is scratch resistant and stain resistant. It can also be cleaned easily with soap and water. The Alcantara cover will be available in black, pink, khaki and dark gray colors.

Protective Stand cover

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If you fear your robust use of Galaxy Note 8, protection is the solution. It can easily protect the camera from drops and offers the same full view of the beautiful screen without the bezel. It even features a kickstand in the back that can be very useful when watching videos. The permanent protection cover also complies with the US military standard with the MIL-STD-810G-516.7 certification. The only one with this cover, it blocks the Galaxy Note 8 from the wireless charger.

Wireless Charger - Convertible

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Samsung manufactures attractive wireless chargers for its Galaxy smartphones. The recently launched Galaxy Note 8 also supports wireless charging and the "rechargeable wireless charger" will be the best charger in favor of the fast wireless charging stand. The user can also adjust the position of the wireless charger to be the pad or stand at the Galaxy Note 8. It comes with Black and Gold color options.

Power Bank - 5100mAh

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There are many cheap energy banks available in the market that also offer battery capabilities, but the Samsung Power Bank looks stylish and supports a fast charge. This fast charge, Power Bank, grants you up to two extra charges to Galaxy Note 8. When Power Bank comes with the Type-C USB port, the user can charge it with the smartphone charger. It has an LED indicator to indicate the approximate power remaining to charge other devices. It may waive output 2A and devices compatible with Samsungs fast charge can be charged up to 1.5x faster.