Whatsapp, suddenly closed on the go, impact on billions of customers around the world
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By Admin - November 03, 2017 11:12 pm   0   92   0

Social messaging app Whatsapp stopped working all over the world on Friday. Because of this decision, millions of customers around the world had to face some problems.

According to the media report, Whatsapp's service closed abruptly. After this, the customers started tweeting about it on social media. After the matter came to light, in the US, the Whatses issued a statement saying that the company has this information and it will be fixed soon. Later the services were restored.

This happened for the first time in the history of Whatsapp that happened when its services suddenly stopped and people had to face this situation. In countries where it did not work, the names of countries like Pakistan, Britain, Singapore, and Ukraine are also included in India. Similar reports came in Sri Lanka, the Philippines America, Saudi Arabia and Germany, which said that Whatsapp has stopped working.

Customers from all over the world have trouble due to Whatsapp not running. According to Geo TV, Pakistan, the people of the country are doing many things about this on social media. A user wrote that he could not find the message. Some people said that they do not see chat and contacts.