Xbox One X could become the most popular gaming console in the world
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By Admin - August 31, 2017 10:27 pm   0   285   0

Xbox One X is the fastest console from Microsoft. The device was sold shortly after Microsoft officially announced it. we think it's fair to say that Xbox One X could soon become the most popular gaming console in the world.

Fans can not wait to get their hands on Xbox One X

Many did not expect that Xbox One X would succeed in selling well. The sales of the premium console are crazy, and they will likely continue to remain so for a while after its release.

Microsoft is also trying to consolidate all digital and physical Xbox products on the Xbox Store. As a result, Insiders can now order devices for Xbox from the Xbox Store, and they can also get games and digital subscriptions.

This is the first time since Steams launch of the steam controller that a digital store also becomes physical and all this opens up great future possibilities.

Effects of the success of Xbox One X

Unfortunately, the known success of Xbox One X may have a disadvantage for the rest of the Xbox One family. Sales of Xbox One have dropped since Xbox One X entered the scene. But, probably, Microsoft had seen this come, so its no surprise.

Intelligent delivery system for storing games in progress

It has become obvious that 1TB is not enough to contain all your games and the 4K texture improvements required by Xbox One X. It seems that Microsoft is currently running on something called Intelligent Delivery which is a system that could send parts of a piece of the cloud after youre done with them. But its something that can be achieved in just a few years, but its exciting and great to know that Microsoft is working on something like that.