Zombie Desert REMASTERED Custom Zombie (Call of duty black ops 3)

By Admin - October 04, 2017 1:31 pm   0   101   0

Hello and Welcome to Zombie Desert Remastered Black Ops 3. This map was originally on WaW Custom Zombies.


  • Verruckt Runners (Round 1 runners)
  • The buyable ending for 200000 points ( i know, its a lot of points but it's pretty easy.)
  • A lot of custom weapons.
  • Easter Egg song. (TRUST ME, the song is not copyrighted.)
  • M1911 starting weapon.
  • WARDOGSK93 Perks
  • Origins HUD HD
  • Zombie Money
  • PaP Power up (because of no PaP machine)
  • Broken Bottle (Extra Perk Slot)
  • Frosty's Custom Zombie Eyes
  • Frosty's BO2 Death Anim

I Hope you all enjoy Zombie Desert Remastered